July 7, 8 and 9

In January, Mary reserved her place in three quilting classes, each focusing on a special quilt design. The first class was "Conversational Mystery Quilt." The second was "Split Rail Fence," and the third was "Boots All Around."
Each class occupied one day:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.


The first class was for a "Mystery Quilt."  Homework instructions were to select fabric with a conversational theme and to cut them into pieces with prescribed dimensions.  Similarly, coordinating pieces were prescribed.  How they were to be assembled and what the end result would be, remained a mystery until near the end of the class day.

The theme pieces were framed by the coordinating pieces and the design was dubbed, "Looking Through My Windows."

Undoubtedly, Mary's theme will provide a lot to cackle about.


In the second class Mary learned how to make the design called "Split Rail Fence."  The generic pattern looks like this, but the pieces chosen will provide the unique personality of the quilt.

She learned special tricks for doing these "Y" seams such as applying "scant" as well as "exact" measurements for quarter-inch seams.

The old split rail fence is a nice reminder that practical efforts to meet basic needs can also be seen as having aesthetic purpose as well!

And for the final day, it was "Boots All Around."  During the class Mary put together the one set of boots that will become the center of a wall hanging.

Clomp! clomp! clomp! clomp!

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