The Canadian Rockies Loop ~ Part 3
Banff National Park

Aerial photo courtesy of
When we told folks that we were going to Banff, a spark of recognition was ignited: "Oh yes! Lake Louise! It's sooo beautiful!"

Yep! Lake Louise is such a beautiful place, and so well advertised that almost everyone wants to go there. Many are spending up to $686
(Canadian) per night for a room in the huge Chateau Lake Louise. The Chateau has 497 rooms and fiercely competes with the lake as an attraction. Reservations are very difficult.
A perspective view of Lake Louise, the mountains, the glacier and the hotel, requires aerial photography. The folly of trying otherwise is exhibited in the photo at the left. Although this is admittedly an impudent, expression, one photo cannot depict the full congestion.

Bow Lake, on the other hand, is relatively unspoiled. The virtually unused picnic area only adds a tastful touch to the magnificent scene.

- Bow Lake -

In August of 1965 we came to Banff and set up our little trailer at this spot on Bow Lake. Our two youngsters, Ron and Linda were 9 and 7. It was three wonderful days that are cherished in our memory.

The children are now older than we were then. The campground is gone; the little trailer has been scrapped. But the lake and the mountains remain as they were.

North Saskatchewan River Valley and The Icefields Parkway
(Looking South from Sunwapta Pass)

The section of Highway 93 that runs from the town of Lake Louise to the summit at the border of Jasper National Park is called The Icefields Parkway. It's easily a contender for the most beautiful highway in North America. And you see virtually no 18-wheelers.

. . .   But there are many big tour busses and huge RV's.


The day we drove north to Jasper was overcast and some of the mountains were intrestingly half-obscured behind the mist.

Taking photographs was a challenge. But enjoying the scenery in person was a snap. (Har)

The following scenes are all within walking distance (including one 3-hour hike) of our Mosquito Creek Campground.

Mosquito Creek Trail

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