The Canadian Rockies Loop ~ Part 4
Glacier National Park Montana, etc.

As we leave Banff, our visit in Canada is ending. For our last Canadian campground, we leave highway 93 and take another 15 Km gravel road to Whiteswan Provincial Park in southeastern British Columbia. It's just south of the source of the Columbia River.

From our campsite in Whiteswan Provincial Park we experienced the calming excitement of a Canadian sunset glowing atop the mountain on the east side of Alcer Lake.

Alcer Lake:
Our reluctant "goodbye to Canada"

Hello: Glacier National Park

- St. Mary Lake -
This is St. Mary Lake, the jewel of Glacier National Park. It's one of those few spots on earth that gives you that "Garden of Eden" feeling. Another example is Yosemite Valley. For a slightly different view, click your mouse here.

We must make a distinction here since Canada also has a "Glacier National Park." It's just west of Yoho National Park. But now we are in Glacier National Park, in Montana. It's part of the greater "Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park." Canada contributes its Waterton Lakes National Park to this expression of friendship straddling the border between our neighboring countries.

Most accommodations for Glacier National Park are on the west side near Lake McDonald. That's where we left our camping trailer so we could travel the "Going-to-the Sun Road" into the higher altitudes of the eastern half of the park.

The following is from a roadside plaque at Logan Pass, the summit for the Going-to-the-Sun Road..

The Going-to-the-Sun Road itself is an attraction here. It is a narrow, winding road, built in the latter 20's that climbs approximately 3000 feet up an almost vertical mountain wall. The road leaves no room for errors. Vehicle/trailer lengths over 21 feet are prohibited. But what a breath-taking view, almost STRAIGHT DOWN! There are numerous teensy pullouts for stopping.

East of Logan Pass along St. Mary Lake, the road is a pleasure drive. This is where you find many of the more striking scenes of Glacier National Park.

- St. Mary River -
St. Mary Lake extends eastward onto a grassland plateau. This is the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. A modest but attractive river connects St. Mary Lake with Lower St. Mary Lake.

We also explored another back entrance to Glacier NP that took us to Lake Sherburne, in a pleasant valley with wonderful mountain views.

When we travel around country like this, we are like kids in a candy store.

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