- N i g e r i a   1 9 8 3 -

Typical eastern Nigerian villages.

There's no doubt about it; Nigeria is a beautiful and interesting land. Over it's 357,000 square miles, the scenery is varied from dry sub-Saharan desert to tropical forest.

Photos here were taken during our 18-day August visit in 1983 and were confined mostly to central and eastern Nigeria. .

Jos [Joss] is a major city right in the middle of Nigeria.

From the Jos Museum, a short hike over boulders and through heavy tropical growth, gives you enough height for a nice view of a portion of the city.

Interesting peaks of the Mandara Mountains over
in Cameroon, Nigeria's eastern neighbor.

Baobab trees! ... those weird monsters with wild arms for limbs. They are dubbed the "upside down trees" because the tops seem to better resemble roots than tops.

Here I am, being dwarfed by an ant hill. I guess they are really termites.

This mountain of an ant hill is near Yankari Game Preserve, just a Sunday afternoon's drive south east of Bauchi. We saw some about half this size near Maiduguri, but they were gray. This red color makes a much nicer picture.