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Old Places, New to Us - Part 2

Dinosaur National Monument Visitors' Center
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Old Things New to Us (continued)

Wednesday evening, April 28

Arriving at Dinosaur National Monument, our first stop was the fossil bone quarry.  It was here in the early 1900's that a little Carnegie funding, a bit of dynamite, a jack-hammer or two and a collection of more delicate tools, extracted thousands of dinosaur bones.  These were sorted, packaged and shipped to hundreds of museums around the country. Missing and damaged pieces were fabricated and repaired so that full dinosaur skeletons could be assembled and exhibited.  I remember seeing such an exhibit in Los Angeles when I was a kid.
Today a huge steel building has been built over a portion of this "quarry" to display a layer of fossilized bones that had been tilted to a nearly vertical position by geologic forces.  The area displayed is, I would guess, about 200 feet wide and 80 feet high.  It is viewed from a balcony and a main floor.

They say that when these creatures lived here, this was a lush and verdant valley where tropical plants thrived.  Now it's a desert.  But then they also say it was about 65 million years ago. 

Hmmm...  That must have been about 9 AM on the sixth day.  God was very very busy that day!
And God saw that it was good.

     Dick and Mary
               and Appy, a dog rolling in the dust. . . . . From dust to dust.
When I look at all these things that the "experts" say happened millions of years ago, I must simply stand in awe.  I'm not put off by the widely accepted system of paleo-chronology that sets the earth's beginning at 4.5 billion years ago.  Even if that were a thousand to one error, it would still be 4.5 million years ago.  It's too long ago to quibble.  I'm not shaken by the evidence that wonderfully awesome dinosaurs and other creatures wandered the earth and disappeared a long long time before Adam could have named them.  The appearance of new species and the loss of others still takes place as always.  Even the thought that vast, beautiful canyons might have taken millions of years to be formed does not threaten my certainty of God's creative word.  And finally, I'm not even stirred to reconcile the assumed conflict of scientific theories of creation with the Biblical 6-days.  It may be interesting to try to learn how God did it, but we will never really know.  I am amply satisfied to just look with wonder and reverence.  The magnificent order and design of his work are too intricately functional to have just accidentally happened even over a span of a trillion years.  But the best part is that we have purposely been created with the ability to respond to God.  Is that vain ego?  Naw!  Just the opposite.
Dinosaur National Monument is a vast area of mountainous rock.  Perhaps only a small fraction of the fossil evidence of past ages has been uncovered.
Our campsite that night was 3-1/2 miles east of the quarry on the west bank of the Green River.  Just across the river were the green fields of a private cattle ranch.

The next morning, a little farther east, and inside the National Monument, we explored some very nice petroglyphs dating about 1000 AD.

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