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Moab, Utah
Utah Journal
Saturday evening, May 1, 2004

Moab: "Operations Center"

With all this activity during the day, I can only be sketchy about what we've seen and done.   Perhaps, in time, I'll have this on our website in better detail.  

It is very difficult to find a good map of this area.   I have three computer mapping programs and typically when you try to see detail of all the back roads you have to loose the overview.   Map programs are done in layers of detail.  Old Rand McNally road atlases are probably the best compromise if you have very very good eyes.

Moab, Utah got it's name, I suspect, from all the red earth formations here.   A huge red escarpment rises more than 1000 feet on the west edge of town and runs for about 10 miles from north to south.   This is a busy tourist town going strong even at this time of year.   The nearest major city is Grand Junction, Colorado to the east, not really that major.  

Today we drove to the major features of Arches National Park just north of town.   I took three short hikes to get a close look at these strange features, most of them "windows" or "arches."

For the remainder of the day we retraced some steps of yesterday to focus on the north section of Canyonlands National Park.   It was a fine road all the way down to Grand View Point, with it's 270 degree view of this vast rugged area of deep canyons.   There are probably hundreds of miles of dirt trails being explored by 4-wheel drive vehicles throughout this area.  

Ok.   So here are a couple of examples of the 43 photos I took today.  

An example in Arches National Park

This is a bridge or window at Canyonlands with the La Sal Mountains
on the eastern horizon.  The La Sal Mountains are just a few miles southeast of Moab.

Formations in the canyons of Canyonlands

We are planning to leave Moab in the morning and move farther south to another remote unit of Canyonlands.

     Dick & Mary
         and a dog named Appy who is learning when not to bark.

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