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The Notch

Badlands form a panorama near Lonetree, WY in "The Notch" out of Utah

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Wednesday morning, April 28, 2004

"The Notch"

Wyoming, Utah and Colorado all wanted to be perfect rectangles, but it was not to be.   In order that two of them could have their wish, one had to become "disfigured" for the sake of it's neighbors.   Tell me now. Which one lost a notch out of it's corner?
This morning we are just a few hundred feet south of the notch taken out of Utah by Wyoming.  We are just inside Utah, not far from its eastern border with Colorado.

This National Forest Campground, with only a few scrub trees and about 180 empty sites, is on a peninsula extending into the reservoir that forms the Flaming Gorge Recreational Area.  The lake was created by a dam across the Green River.   Across the bay to our west is Manila, Utah. Last night with a bright moon and Venus overhead, the lights of Manila are very serene.

Yesterday we stopped at Promontory, Utah, just northeast of The Great Salt Lake, where the "golden spike" made the transcontinental railroad a reality on May 10, 1869.

Another stop was Ft Bridger, that Wyoming outpost of the western movement, but inside the "notch" that might have been Utah.   It became an important stopping place in 1843.  We wandered its grounds for about an hour.

That "notch" that might have been Utah has a varied desert landscape, difficult to describe.   We were awed by it's fascinating greenish, sterile "badlands." Otherwise the area is very much alive with river valleys, ranches, hay fields and black cattle roaming here and there. Herds of 20 to 30 antelope are common.   All of this was backdropped by the solid white ridges of the Wasatch Mountains just outside the "notch" in Utah.

So there you have it.   Now we'll begin to really explore.

     Dick & Mary
         ....  and a black dog, crazy about antelope.

This was transmitted (without pictures) via amateur radio from Dinosaur National Monument
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